The meaning of the deposit status

Deposit credited

The process of depositing through the blockchain has started

Invoices have been issued for payment on the deposit, used only for p2p currencies

The transaction appeared on the blockchain, but has not yet been confirmed

The deposit is NOT credited, for example, because the credited amount is less than the minimum

Error while making a deposit

The deposit was canceled because the invoice was not paid within 24 hours

The meaning of the withdrawal status

Option 1:  A record has just been created in the database, the process has not started yet

Option 2:  The withdrawal is accepted for execution (manually and automatically)

Option 3:  Debit is being processed (coins are sent)

The transaction was sent to network

The transaction was successfully confirmed, the amount was withdrawn from the blocked funds

Withdrawal stopped


The withdrawal failed, the amount was returned to the account


Withdrawal ended in error


Under consideration

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