New commissions in Bitzlato starting June 1

We are going to implement new commissions in Bitzlato starting June 1. Commissions will include operations with following Fiat currencies: UAH, KZT и UZS. Now BTC, Ethereum, USDT and other crypto currencies orders owners, who are going to trade them to UAH, KZT и UZS will pay  0,5% fee. 

We have incredible news, entangled with this event!

First of all, we are launching the contest with a $1500 prize fund for fiat deals, where new commissions will be implemented.

Every winner in every region will get a $500 reward! 🤑

Also with the help of commissions you will be able to earn money with affiliate program. You can learn more about it here

How can you participate?

All users, who will conduct more than 5 deals with a total amount exceeding 100$ from 1 to 14 of June, automatically will become contest participants. The winner will be determined randomly. 

Moreover, this initiative will influence users to come to our service, which, in turn, will impact traders’ interest. And, therefore, you will be able to get even more pleasant trading prices in Bitzlato! Bitzlato is always on the user’s side! 🤗

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